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Almost all electric fireplaces include an integrated heater, which is separate from the flame generation. This allows you to have the flame effect while controlling the amount of heat, so you may run the fireplace with or without heat, but you will always have flames. Heat output varies from 2500 BTU’s to 9200 BTU’s, depending on the model. Most electric fireplaces will comfortably take the chill off a 400 square foot area.

There are no clearance issues for an electric fireplace. Since there is nothing burning inside the fireplace, there is no requirement to surround it with non-flammable materials. You may install on drywall, wood, tile or stone – whatever you like. However, it is important to distinguish between units that are designed to be mounted on the wall from those that are designed to be in the wall or in a cabinet. Be aware of where the heat is being emitted, and be sure not to block the heat output. Likewise, you should never have flammable materials (like draperies) in direct contact with any heat vents.

All electric fireplaces either direct-wire or plug into a regular 120 volt outlet, and use no more than 1500 watts of electricity. There are also some electric fireplaces that may be connected to 240 volts, to allow for greater heat output.

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